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Caring for the Diabetic Foot

Improvements have been made in the medical management of diabetes; however the diabetic foot remains vulnerable. In fact, undiscovered diabetics are frequently “found” when a healing ulcer on the foot, patch of gangrene, or minor trauma brings them to the attention of a physician. Of the 12 million diabetic persons in this country, about twenty-five […]

Ankle Sprains

The most common injury in sports involves a sprain of the ankle ligaments located on the outside or lateral aspect of the foot and ankle. Approximately 27,000 ankle sprains occur daily in the United states. Despite the high incidence of ankle sprains, there is a vast variety in treatment recommendations and treatment plans.  The literature […]

ACL Prevention

Figuring Out Foot Pain

“Fall” Can Happen ANYTIME of the Year!

In the elderly, unintentional falls account for 80% of all admissions to hospitals across the United States. This gives us all sufficient reason to be concerned about the risk factors and reasons associated with falling and how each of us can prevent it from happening. As we age there are many progressive physical changes which […]