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Alexandra M. Burgar, M.D.

Specializes in Orthopedic Hand Surgery

Dr. Burgar treats conditions affecting the bones, muscles, nerves and tendons of the hand, wrist and arm up to and including the elbow. She performs arthroscopy and micro-vascular surgery for a wide range of problems, including fracture care, congenital disorders in infants, carpal tunnel problems in adults, and sports-related injuries for all ages.


  • Undergraduate: B.S., University of Notre Dame.
  • Graduate School: M.S., Cleveland State University
  • Medical School: M.D., Medical College of Ohio, Toledo (1998)
  • General Surgery Internship & Residency in Orthopedics: Medical College of Ohio
  • Fellowship Training: Hand and Microvascular Surgery, Philadelphia Hand Center, Philadelphia, PA

Awards (partial list)

  • Ruppert Scholarship, Medical College of Ohio (1995)
  • Orthopedic Surgery Award, Medical College of Ohio (1998)

Additional Background

Dr. Burgar has written a number of articles and abstracts that have been published in many journals, including the Journal of Orthopedic Trauma. She has delivered numerous presentations to both the academic and non-academic fields and continues to diligently pursue her academic interests in Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Burgar developed her interests in medicine and orthopedic surgery from her widely divergent family history. This history includes the fields of engineering, carpentry, biological sciences and fashion and art design. She chose her course in hand surgery because of the broad range of injuries and problems, diverse range of patients, and multiple treatment options in a highly specialized field. Dr. Burgar has a particular interest in traumatic injuries to the hand, pediatric hand deformities, and sports related injuries. Outside her orthopedics specialty and sub-specialties, her interests include gardening, sewing, watching movies, running and going to sporting events.

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