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A Day in the Life of a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)

Tri-Valley Orthopedic Specialists is pleased to support the athletes and their Athletic Trainers for Sports Programs at Foothill High School, Amador High School and Dublin High School. Our Sports Medicine Program includes sports coverage by Athletic Trainers and Physicians (varsity football games), sports physicals several times during the year, immediate access to our physicians for team athletes who experience injury, and seminars for parents and coaches. Tri-Valley Orthopedic staff Athletic Trainers are [top to bottom at right]: Diana Hasenphlug, ATC (at Amador High School), Elicia Jacobs, ATC (at Foothill High School) and Amy Lopez, ATC (at Dublin High School).

The life of an Athletic Trainer is very hectic. Our day begins the moment we step onto the campus at each of our respective high schools. The athletes seen to have a sixth sense about knowing when the Athletic Trainer has arrived, because as soon as the school day is over, our training rooms fill with athletes needing to be taped, stretched, or evaluated before their athletic practices. Once the pre-practice group leaves, it’s time to treat the injured athletes who are “out of commission”, and unable to play their individual sport.

With the variety of sports available to participate in, practices can run as late as nine at night. Game days for the large range of sports may require our coverage 6 days a week. When we have the luxury of “down time”, we catch up on paperwork, answer e-mails, and aide in the communication between the doctors, athletes, parents, and coaches relating to student athletes and our program.

The most important goal of the Certified Athletic Trainer is to return the athlete safely and effectively to full participation in their sport. We are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave at events. We do our job because we love patient care and the chance to make a difference in a young athlete’s life. Once the school year wraps up we have six weeks before another season starts and ours lives are busy with new and returning athletes needing our care and services.

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