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Tri-Valley Orthopedic Specialist surgeons are continually participating in the process of improving hip and knee replacement surgeries. We are strongly committed to decreasing the amount of pain following the surgery and to making subsequent rehabilitation easier and quicker. Several of our physicians have special training in the most recent surgical trends, including anterior hip replacement surgery and hip arthroplasty.

Learn about knee revision and replacement, total hip replacement, partial hip replacement, and hip revision.

To fulfill these commitments to our patients, Tri-Valley Orthopedic Specialist surgeons, led by Joint Reconstruction practice leaders Drs. Jupina, Behzadi, and Stine, are collaborating with local hospitals and physical therapy centers to develop a comprehensive approach to the surgical treatment of hip and knee arthritis. Through these partnerships and using state of the art techniques, we continue to deliver pain reduction for patients as much as possible and to improve the speed with which our patients can resume their normal lives.


Hip joint and knee joint replacements are helping people of all ages live pain-free, active lives.

Joints are formed by the ends of two or more bones connected by tissue called cartilage. Healthy cartilage serves as a protective cushion, allowing smooth and low-friction movement of the joint. If the cartilage becomes damaged by disease or injury, the tissues around the joint become inflamed, causing pain. With time, the cartilage wears away, allowing the rough edges of bone to rub against each other, causing more pain.

When only some of the joint is damaged, a surgeon may be able to repair or replace just the damaged parts. When the entire joint is damaged, a total joint replacement is done. To replace a total hip or knee joint, a surgeon removes the diseased or damaged parts and inserts artificial parts, called prostheses or implants.

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