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Surgical Solutions for Knee Arthritis

Your knee is the largest joint in your body. Essentially, the knee is a hinge that joins your thigh bone (femur) to your shin bone (tibia). Cartilage provides a cushion between the bones preventing them from grinding directly against one another when you bend and extend your leg. Muscles and tendons connect the bones and […]

Scoping in on Chronic Shoulder Pain

Recent advances in arthroscopic surgery allow the orthopedic surgeon to treat many conditions of the shoulder with minimal injury to surrounding structures of the joint. The patient is able to return more rapidly to work and sports than when extensive “open” surgery is performed. A tendon is a cord which connects muscle to bone. A […]

Joint Replacement in the 21st Century – A Less Painful Approach

Knee and hip osteoarthritis are two of the most disabling conditions an active individual may face. Post-traumatic osteoarthritis or hereditary osteoarthritis may develop in middle-age during the most productive time of an individual’s life. Many people will have disability precluding them from performing activities of daily living and will usually have problems with sleep as […]

Dr. Behzadi’s New Approach To Knee Replacement Surgery

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Constructive Surgery of the Knee

, November, 2003 Knee injuries are among the most common and painful of health problems. More than 2 million people experience knee injuries in the U. S. each year. There has been a 50% increase in knee injuries among people 65 and older in the past ten years. More than 5 million people see an […]

Computer-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery (C.A.O.S.)

One of the most advanced techniques today, and most likely the next generation in surgical technology for joint replacements is Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery (C.A.O.S). Utilizing specialized high power digital imaging tools and information-processing systems, orthopedic surgeons can now “map” out a joint during surgery, giving a clear 3 dimensional image which is projected to […]

Anterior Surgical Approach to Total Hip Replacement A New Technique That Makes Sense

A common condition in older adults, degenerative hip arthritis, is a condition involving the loss of cartilage on the weight bearing surface of the hip joint. This condition can cause pain, loss of motion and an inability to go about daily activities. Typically, when conservative treatments no longer help in reducing pain, a Total Hip […]

Anatomic ACL Reconstruction

Key term: Kinematics The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is the main support structure of the knee. It prevents excessive translation and rotation of the femur (thigh bone) on the tibia (shin bone). When you tear your ACL, your knee may buckle or “give out” with change of direction and pivoting activities. In order to regain […]


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If you’re an avid hiker, at some point you’ve probably thought about tackling Half Dome, Yosemite’s iconic, almost-mile-high peak. As our recent experience testifies, it can be the perfect adventure—strenuous but not out of reach for outdoor fans in good physical shape. However, climbing Half Dome—or a similar endurance event (our ascent took about 12 […]

Skateboarding Safety

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Skateboarding is an increasingly popular sport enjoyed by many young people.  Skateboarding involves speed, balance and coordination, providing a low impact aerobic workout.  However, if a rider is not careful, serious injuries may result. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 15,000 persons need hospital emergency room treatment per year for injuries […]